Covid-19 Public Message

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

To all our valued members and friends of the Darling Point Society, as per the government's instructions banning of gatherings we must cancel or where possible, postpone, any future functions that we had planned or had commenced to plan for the health and protection and well being of all of our members. This includes the upcoming function at Lindesay and the members dinner at The Flavour of India. We are not sure at this stage whether the AGM will occur as a meeting or in some form of dial in event.

We agree with the Prime Minister's closure of public gatherings for the safety of all fellow Australians.

We understand that this is disappointing for our members who want to attend functions at Lindsay House, at RANSA and other venues but your safety is of the upmost importance, especially considering all of the current circumstances.

Once this embargo has been lifted we will be back. At that time we will be ready to do what we love to do for Darling Point Society members.

However in the interim, please keep looking at and liking our Facebook site as well as the website. We will post any news and any information and as it happens.

Please feel free to submit photographs and stories and anything that may be of interest to other members during this these difficult times by email to

We will review and if appropriate place the same on our Facebook site or on our website.

We promise that we will still be working hard for all members of the Darling Point Society to protect amenity and fauna and the trees and local heritage of Darling Point and surrounds. Please keep your membership going with us. Please keep an eye on the website and the Facebook site to see what may be posted from time to time.

Soon as all of the embargo is finished we will announce new functions and members events at Lindsay House as well as other future events. In the meantime please be patient and please keep telling us what matters for you with emails.

Please keep safe and we will once again be with you at Lindsay House and at RANSA and other venues in the near future.

The announcement was written at the request and direction of the Darling Point Society

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