Darling Point Society 2019 Christmas wishes

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The committee of the Darling Point Society wishes all members and supporters warm Seasons Greetings and our best wishes for you and your families in 2020.

As we look forward to the New Year it is appropriate to thank all who helped us to

look after the interests of Darling Point residents in 2019. It is appropriate to re-assess what we have in this

unique small locality so that preservation efforts can be informed and properly directed.


In 2020 we will continue to campaign against the irresponsible skatepark proposal for

Rushcutters Bay.

However the situation at the moment remains uncertain despite the DPS having gained petition lists of over 2,200 signatures at recent events. The issue is still well and truly open and despite our efforts, the goalposts might be moved once more.

The preservation of the precious green vistas and the old fig-trees in what should be a Heritage listed reserve is still not assured. The risk of Woollahra Council actually uprooting over 1500 sqm of healthy green grass for a concrete skatepark, if it is allowed, would be an unprecedented act of civic vandalism.

However there are other issues to be addressed in 2020 and these include:


1. Preserving the Yarranabbe Park Seawall from the badly formulated ‘steps into the harbour’ proposal.

2. Campaigning for more effective regulations and enforcement for trailers both empty and loaded. These are still taking up scarce resident’s street parking places for months at a time without any visible action by council officers. The rules must be urgently reviewed.

4. Preserving the unified coherent design of older established streetscapes.

5. Keeping up with proposed changes to local bus routes with the coming privatisation.

6. Ensuring that potentially dangerous traffic intersections such as New Maclean St are managed properly.


In order to look after resident’s interests properly the DPS needs to keep its membership list healthy and will be asking members and residents for support in specialised areas. Any resident with experience in Architecture, town planning, real estate, property law, or council affairs would be very welcome to discuss some form of contribution on a permanent or an occasional basis.

We are asking if members could work with us in a new membership drive in 2020.

Kind regards,

The Darling Point Society

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