Preservation of Harbour Foreshore and Sea Wall opening

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Shark warning for Yarranabbe Park foreshore.

The proposed area of the Seawall to be opened.

The current pier in Yarranabbe Park.

Despite petitions and strong opposition, 24 September 2018 Woollahra Council voted to make a 6 metre opening in the seawall, 80 metres from the point with steps starting from the promenade, to allow children and dogs to dip and swim.  The Society totally opposed the plan for a number of reasons including:

- safety and children in difficulty in the water - possible shark attacks - environment impact, sea grasses, seals, penguins,    dolphins - king tide - rising tidal level (up to 2 metres by 2100) - heritage listing - loss of peaceful park enjoyment particularly at   New Year - people pollution in the water - lack of toilet and changing facilities

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